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This si­te uses co­okies — small text fi­les that are pla­ced on your ma­chi­ne to help the si­te pro­vi­de a bet­ter user expe­rien­ce. In ge­ne­ral, co­okies are used to re­ta­in user pre­fe­ren­ces, sto­re in­for­ma­tion for things li­ke shop­ping carts, and pro­vi­de ano­ny­mi­sed trac­king da­ta to third par­ty ap­pli­ca­tions li­ke Go­ogle Ana­ly­tics. As a ru­le, co­okies will ma­ke your brow­sing expe­rien­ce bet­ter. Ho­we­ver, you may pre­fer to di­sa­ble co­okies on this si­te and on others. The most ef­fec­ti­ve way to do this is to di­sa­ble co­okies in your brow­ser. We sug­gest con­sul­ting the Help sec­tion of your brow­ser or ta­king a lo­ok at the Abo­ut Co­okies we­bsi­te which of­fers gu­idan­ce for all mo­dern brow­sers